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Mundo’s journey started with a question. “How could we lessen plastic burden in everyday products?” 

Single-use plastics are singularly terrible for the environment. A result of modern-day throwaway culture, they contribute significantly to the plastic pollution that is growing sizeably every year. The single-use plastics economy has also spawned a sister economy in Asia, the “sachet economy.”


If plastics are harmful, why are we still so reliant on them? Where are the eco-friendly alternatives? 

Shops selling sustainable products are constantly compared to mainstream products through the standards of efficacy and convenience. Price is also a crucial factor and is, in fact, probably the major reason why it is difficult for customers to make the switch to safer products.

We decided to create Mundo, the people’s alternative to affordable and eco-friendly products. By sourcing for the best materials, liaising directly with the manufacturers, and directly engaging with our customers, we are able to provide effective, eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets at a competitive price. Best of all, we do not compromise on the carbon footprint of our product. 

Here at Mundo, we believe that sustainable living can be affordable, convenient, and effective. We want to help you look clean, smell fresh, and feel good in the easiest way possible. 


We also believe that sustainable living is a commitment – and this is what we offer.  We are dedicated to and passionate about advocating everything that helps Mother Nature thrive and survive, so that we may thrive and survive as well.

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Who Are We
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