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Our Story

Once upon a time, Ariel and Mickay (the founders of Mundo) had a call. That fateful call became the beginning of Mundo. Just catching up with one another, they shared about their lives and experiences living in different countries. Ariel currently lives in Singapore, and Mickay lives with her family in the Philippines. 

Both businesswoman and mother, Mickay balances her time between her food business and caring for her son. Ever since her son was diagnosed with a congenital disorder, she has made sure that health and wellness is a priority for them. Which meant using products that are free from harmful chemicals even though they may cost more than the traditional products in the market. 

In turn, Ariel was exploring his journey on sustainability and a zero-waste lifestyle. Though it was tough for him to stay away from plastic-free products when manufacturers gave no choice to consumers. So, when he came across an eco-friendly product which he used for his laundry, he was excited. But this product was expensive, and the accumulative costs was hardly wallet-friendly in the long run. 


with a few questions; how can we start to contribute towards a zero-carbon economy without breaking our wallets? How can we convince more people that sustainable lifestyle is well… sustainable?

Both founders are born and raised in the Philippines; which is considered as a “sachet-economy” a result of the modern-day throwaway culture. They understand that people continue to use plastic products not just because of ignorance or heedlessness but because of a greater problem--financial insecurity.


Looking around, they both realised that shops selling sustainable products were inevitably being compared to the mainstream products through the standards of price, efficacy, and convenience. Price, as we understand it, was the major reason why it is so difficult for customers to make the switch. “


We started Mundo to give people an affordable and eco-friendly alternative.


By sourcing for the best materials, liaising directly with the manufacturers, and directly engaging with our customers, we are able to provide effective, eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets at a competitive price. All without compromising on the carbon footprint of our product. 

We at Mundo, believes that sustainable living can be affordable, convenient, and effective. We want to help you look clean, smell fresh, and feel good. 


We also believe sustainable living is a commitment. 


A cleaner Earth and happy pockets. That’s what we do. 

Our guiding principles

At Mundo, everyone is guided by our CAUSE; our guiding principles which reflects our mission, and how we believe we can achieve it. These are the principles that guide and help us make better decisions as we work to provide a wider environmental impact across Southeast Asia.

Create a culture where everyone can help make a difference no matter how small.

Always acting with integrity, honesty, and transparency about our products

Uncompromising focus on environmental impact without compromising quality and cost. 

Skin-safe, non-toxic, and cruelty free. 

Easy to use and convenient to buy.

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