Are we really addicted to Plastic?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Pollution, environmental damage, and rapid climate change, have become the highlight of most of our daily news headlines. With all of this in mind, it is almost funny to even debate this. Yes, we have undoubtedly become addicted to plastic. Just pause for a second and take a quick glance around. Exactly how many things that you see are made up of plastic? If you are sitting in your office, you will see plastic holders, files, parcels packaged with plastic and the list could go on and on. Similarly in your house, you will find plenty of things made up of plastic, probably more than what you can even count.

The problem with this insane plastic consumption is the bitter consequences that follow. I am talking about the tons and tons of plastic litter that surround our lands and oceans. The ever-growing problem of plastic pollution.

The fact is that 10-20 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year, according to a report released by the Worldwatch institute in 2015. Further, it is estimated that about 81% of plastics in the ocean come from Asian Rivers alone. The five largest contributors of this plastic waste are China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.

Now the thing is that many people even realize and recognize this plastic problem as a huge hindrance to the survival of our planet. Yet, they continue to use plastic products and this is not because of ignorance or heedlessness but because of a greater problem- financial insecurity.

A huge proportion of people who realize the gravity of this plastic situation are unable to implement their environment-friendly beliefs due to a lack of financial resources. It is no hidden fact that even now when environment-friendly brands and businesses are slowly coming to the limelight, they are not accessible to the vast majority. This is especially true in countries like the Philippines where these brands are not just uncommon but they normally sell their products at very high prices as compared to the normal market ranges. This discourages many people from buying from them and in this way despite the plastic-free ways that these brands promote, they bring in little to no impact. Coupled with this fact is the widespread availability of single-use plastics, specifically sachets for products such as shampoos, which are affordable and convenient and hence used by many and then discarded away. Reports claim that around 164 million sachets are used every day, and they take up around 52 percent of the residual plastic waste stream.

Thus, in this way, developing countries like the Philippines themselves who are considered to be one of the largest polluters are unable to do much to stop or at least minimize their plastic usage.

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