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Bubbles do not clean clothes, they are side effects

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

We always think that the more foam we have in our washing machine, the cleaner our clothes will be. We always believed that the soapier the water, the cleaner it gets. Don't you know that it's just an illusion? It might be easier to think that way, but the reality is... the opposite is true. Environmental experts say that the more bubbles there are in your washing machine, the less effective they are.

People like to see bubbles. Experts explained that bubbles happen when the soap molecules are trapping air in the spherical pockets. What we do not know is that many commercial soap manufacturers add chemicals that create bubbles. This is to satisfy people when they look into their clothes in the machine. It's on the psychological level that something is happening to your laundry. These bubbles you see and the chemicals added to the detergent don't serve a purpose. They don't mean anything.

Today, many of us think that naturally derived cleaners don't clean because they don't lather and form bubbles. The truth is these chemicals are used to create foam and leave a thin layer of cleaning agent in your clothes, making them dirtier.

In addition, most of the washing machines these days require low sudsing detergents. If there are more bubbles, it can hamper the plunging action of the machine. These machines clean our clothes by plunging and rubbing against one another. If more bubbles are layering between our clothes, they will not toss properly. Thus, making our laundry activity useless.

If you see your clothes in the machine without the same level of bubbles as the traditional one, do not worry. It's the soap in the water that is performing in cleaning your clothes, not the foam.

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